Intervención Emilia Reyes durante la Cumbre sobre Desarrollo Sostenible  (inglés)

Nueva York, Septiembre de 2015- Intervención de Emilia Reyes en nombre de Equidad de Género: ciudadanía y trabajo y el Grupo Mayor de Mujeres durante la Cumbre sobre el Desarrollo Sostenible de la ONU.

 Good afternoon persons and Member States alike  Our Agenda 2030 condemns discrimination of any type, So the greetings that from the Women’s Major Group and Equidad de Genero I bring Shall include everyone: migrants, indigenous, disabled, youth, elders and LGBTQ/GNC[1].

We share principles, demands, aspirations and dreams With our Women’s Working Group and large CSO group for FfD[2], As well as the UNFCCC Women’s and Gender Constituency.

This is an agenda waiting for implementation to succeed, But here are the macro conditions that we sorely miss: To eradicate concentration of wealth and ensure redistribution, ‘cause we rage with the wealthiest 1 per cent’s consumption And their environmentally unsustainable production.As for unpaid domestic and care work’s redistribution and reduction, There is still a big debt: the sexual division of labor is a society’s malfunction.  

We have a #FeministVision to achieve sustainable development: Gender Equality plus Women’s human rights and their empowerment.

 For the social dimension we are glad to have life-long education.We now want SRHR and CSE[3] to be explicit in implementation. Chronic and transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Should be dealt of with free treatment to all that they convey.  Portability of rights we definitely want to see In North and South, regardless of geography. Dark challenges awaits for peace and security: Organized crime, government’s repression and wars relentless Will require support for environmental and human rights defenders.

 Our urgent environmental dimension is at risk with climate change 1.5 degrees of global warming is the proper and ethical highest range. Our islands are at stake, so are ecosystems, oceans and poles: Extractivism, nuclear energy and fracking shatters the rage to our cores.In adaptation and mitigation, as well as means of implementation, the human rights framework and gender equality must be mainstreamed for operation.

 As for the economic dimension, for an unsustainable ruthless capitalism Let’s find more will to end current patterns of neo-colonialism.The donor-recipient dynamic must come to an end: Conditionalities are indignant and reduce policy space. An indicator ensuring a living wage that’s universal Is the surest way to guarantee human dignity and CSO’s appraisal. Financing for women’s and feminists organizations cannot be postponed:

They promote half of population’s wellbeing and are under-resourced. In terms of accountability of social and environmental impacts of corporations, The lack of ex-ante assessment of their actions is still an issue of condemnation.

And don’t tell us FfD was a success: 

Regulate the global corporations for a more proper address, Ensure global governance in systemic issues, tax and debt. Stop the trend of regulating to de-regulate.

 We have another challenge for 2016:

Fight against corporatization of the UN and its opacity. We also strive for meaningful participation of civil society And the strengthening of States, not a privatized partnership.

 Let’s shape a new multilateralism, with a democratic governance, Instead of an elitist club of few countries, promote a plural countenance. And while we’re at it, a secular UN should be the norm,To prevent a medieval turn taking us by storm. The UN fit for purpose bet should be participatory, To avoid opaque changes which are not commendatory. Civil society is not here to legitimize opaque decisionsNor money should be the basis of perverse coalitions.And refrain trading women’s human rights in every negotiation. We’re not tokens, but citizens and half of population.

 2016 is the year for institutional architecture: With FfD Forum, and HLPF’s[4] follow up and monitoring nature. “Do I dare disturb the universe?” a poet once launched the question. The Women’s Major Group dares for sure, welcoming this Agenda’s approbation. We’ve been here to monitor your pledges to achieve the Goals, We’ll remind you and support you in them all. We’ll walk the path with you, sometimes in rhyme, most times in prose, Towards that equal and sustainable world we want most.


[1] LGBTQ/GNC: Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans-sexual, Queer/Gender Non Conformist.

[2] Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development and Large Civil Society Group for Financing for Development.

[3] SRHR: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

   CSE: Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

[4] HLPF: High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development.